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(a) Coordinating Conjunctions :

Coordinating conjunctions join words to word groups of equal rank. The principal coordinating conjunctions  are :

and, nor, but, either, or, neither, for, yet

Hari and Vinod were invited to the party.

The keys are in the cupboard or in your pocket

I don’t feel good but I am determined to go.

(b) Subordinating Conjunctions :

Subordinating conjunction begins an adverbs clause; it joins the adverb clause to the rest of the sentences. Some principal subordinating conjunctions are :

After               before            

although           how                

as                 because         

while                  if                     

since               until

so that            when 

in order that    unless

though           where

Vidhya did not look in my direction because she was angry.

If that is your opinion, speak up.

I won’t leave unless you go with me.

(c) Correlative Conjunctions :

Certain coordinating and subordinating conjunctions are sometimes joined to forms that are known as correlative conjunctions. The principal pairs of  correlative conjunctions are :

both ______ and       

so _____ as

either ______ or                    

whether _____ or

neither _____ nor                 

not only ____ but also

Both Professor Saxena and Professor Raman are working on the problem

Whatever I vote or not is none of your business.

Either the points or the spark plugs need changing

(d) Conjunctive Adverbs :

Another kind of conjunction is called a conjunctive adverb because it has an adverbial function but can be used to connect two sentences or two main clauses.  Among numerous conjunctive adverbs, the following  appear frequently :

also                  however          otherwise

anyhow            in addition        still

besides            in fact               then

consequently   likewise            therefore

furthermore     nevertheless     thus

Learn to speak more slowly; otherwise, no one can understand you.

You seem to be certain of your facts, however, I do not agree.

The minister spoke indistinctly; he had no real facts.

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