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What is Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PP&DT) in SSB?


What is Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PP&DT) in SSB?

Picture Perception and Discussion test in SSB interview are conducted on day 1 and it is the second objective of stage 1 test. As we know the first test is the intelligence test which involves Verbal and Non Verbal tests.

These tests are taken to know more about the personality of the candidate in various shades. Let us keenly know and understand ins and outs of the process involved in PP & DT.

PP & DT stands for Picture Perception & Discussion Test. In other words, this test is taken to see a picture, understand it and describe that picture. Thus, SSB shows a picture for 30 seconds and gives about 4 minutes to write down a short story.

PP&DT is a screening test which is almost an elimination test of the candidates. This test is conducted to know the candidate's imagination power and description ability in a short time.

Once your documentation is done, GTO(Group Testing Officer) gives the general instructions about PP&DT and tells Dos and DONTs about PP&DT test.

Now lets come to the first part which is picture perception,

Picture Perception

The following points are given to understand what is the process of picture perception

In this test, for the purpose of perception, the candidates will be shown a hazy picture. The picture will be extremely blurred.

The picture will be displayed for 30 seconds only through a video projector and a screen.

The picture may consist of more than one character, so in the given time of 30 seconds, the candidates need to find out how many characters are there, what is their age, sex, and mood.

In the next step, the screen goes off and the assessors give the candidates 1 minute to write down the details of the shown picture in the given sheet provided for the purpose.

All the details related to sex, gender, age, mood etc of the characters in the picture have to be marked inside the box printed on the sheet.

In the next step, the candidates get 4 minutes to write down a story using the details jotted down and keeping the picture in mind. The story should be written on the sheet provided for the same purpose.

Now let's come to the second part which is the Discussion test

Discussion Test

After the picture shown and writing of the story, the next part involved is a discussion of that picture. This part is the most important as it involves two crucial stages of tests.

1 Individual Narration &
2 Group Discussion

Individual Narration

After the completion of story writing, the candidates will be divided into a group of 12 to 15 members. They are made to sit in a semi-circular way. All three assessors are present there, GTO, IO, and psychologist. Here candidates get a chance to revise their story before individual narration starts.

This how narration takes place

1 Inside the discussion room, the PP&DT sheets are given back to look into the story. When the discussion begins each candidate is required to narrate their own story individually.

2 Assessors give enough information in regard whether the candidate is required to tell the details seen in the picture or he/she has to straightaway narrate their story. So, it is very important to listen carefully to the information.

3 Candidates with the least chest number start narrating his/her story, once the first narration is done, the next candidate starts the narration. This continues till the last candidate.

4 The language allowed to narrate the story in English and if the candidates stuck in between, he can use Hindi but you have to switch back to English as soon as possible.

6 The candidate needs to finish his/her story in 40 to 60 seconds. So, keep your story short as well as logical. As soon as the last candidate finishes his individual narration of the story, the discussion will start.

Group Discussion

We came to know to know that group discussion starts immediately after the last candidate finishes his narration.

This how group discussion takes place

1 group discussion begins among the group the group members.

2 The assessors do not interrupt while the discussion is going on.

3 In the group of 8 to 7 candidates, all of them start speaking at the same time trying to convince each other.

4 It is the motto of the group the group discussion to make a common story out of the picture that was shown.

5 If the group becomes the fish market, the assessors further divide the group into two and then further discussion is allowed.

6 The group gets 5 to 10 minutes to discuss and any one candidate is selected from the group to narrate a candidate is selected from the group to narrate a and candidates waits for the results. 

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