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SSB INTERVIEW PROCESS. Explained in detail.

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India has three types of defense services, namely INDIAN ARMY, INDIAN NAVY, INDIAN AIR FORCE. From the profession point of view, these services are considered very prestigious and it stands in high esteem. And they have maintained their pride & honor through defending the nation whenever it is necessary.

Since past decades, there has been a trend in defense services as these days more and more youth are getting attracted towards the defense services and its charm of the posts available in ARMY, NAVY, AIRFORCE. These posts are filled by the exams which are conducted by UPSC (UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION) as well as by NCC special entry and the final selection of SSB (SERVICE SELECTION BOARD).

SSB interview process

To get into the Indian Army, aspirants should be at least 12th passed in case of NDA and should be graduate for other defense academies. To get into navy or Air force services, one must be from a science background but for the administration & logistic branches of Airforce & navy aspirants of any stream are eligible.

Such aspirants are required to go through the entrance exam conducted by UPSC and interview is conducted by SSB. There is some post in armed forces for engineering background and aspirants are not required to attempt UPSC entrance exam but they have to go through the interviews conducted by SSB.

SSB Schedule when you reach to the center

SSB interview process

Opening Address and Form Filling

An officer will give an introduction to SSB, explaining the matter of administrative details, Dos & Don'ts and the process of conduct at the selection center You are also required to complete documentation including verification of required certificates for age, educational qualification. All candidates will be allotted chest number for further testing. It is important to remember that you are competing with other candidates. All of the candidates will be assessed against a common of suitability and it is possible for everyone in the group to get recommended or not recommended.
Excluding the day of arrival or the day of reporting, the SSB has a 5 days testing schedule. With these tests, Assessors are not looking for physical fitness. They are interested in your personality, they assess you on the basis of what kind of personality are you.
The exact schedule of tests may be varied depending on the number of candidates to be tested and GTO tests may be done in a single day If warranted.

Who conducts SSB Interview?

SSB interview

The following members conduct the SSB interview,
1. The Interviewing Officer (ITO) who is generally either President or Vice president of that Board.
2. The Group Testing Officer (GTO), each board consists of four GTOs.
3. The psychologists, each board has four psychologists.

Points to remember before reporting

If you are going first time to the SSB, then there are certain things expected to do before reporting.
1. First and foremost, keep in mind the complete process of SSB about what you are expected to do there.
2. Secondly, do not forget any document, keep all the required documents and a photocopy of the documents.
3. Make arrangements for reservations, stay before the SSB reporting day or after it also, as per your situation.
4. Make a list of things, clothing, etc. which you need to carry with yourself.


service selection board

Candidates have to bring all the educational certificates and mark sheets starting from class 10th to till date in original including provisional certificates and degree certificate for graduate entry.
Two photocopies of all the documents. And all documents should be duly attested.

Testing Schedule

SSB procedure

The testing schedule of all five days in SSB interview is as follows-

Reporting Day

SSB interview

On the reporting day, reaching ssb area candidates have to fill up (PIQ) Personal Information Questionaire Form. On this day candidates, documentation and batch formation will be done. Each candidate will be allotted a chest number and he/she will have to wear his/her chest number throughout his/her stay at SSB.


SSB interview

Screening Test

It is held on the next day of reporting. This is the first test of SSB. And this is the stage1 of SSB. If you get rejected in stage 1, you will be sent back to the home on the same day. The selected candidates will go to stage 2.  This stage 1 is categorized into two parts,
Intelligence Test: - Verbal and Nonverbal
Picture perception & discussion test (PP&DT)

Intelligence Test (Verbal)

SSB interview

Normally, SSBs call around 300 candidates per batch out of which around 1/3rd report for testing. The entire lot is put through stage 1 testing which consists of Intelligence test (Verbal & Non-Verbal) followed by Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PP&DT). 

The intelligence tests are similar to IQ tests conducted in any admission /entrance exam and many of them are available on the internet. In these two tests, Based on your performance, your intelligence ratings are derived and this put together with your performance in the PP&DT will decide your selection to the second stage.

SSB interview

These tests usually involve grammar, verbal analogies, synonyms, antonyms, etc. To clear these tests you need to do practice and regular reading of newspapers and books. This test may contain anywhere between 30 to 60 questions and depending on the number of questions and their difficulty level the time allowed to attempt will vary. You will mostly find questions on all of the following : -

1. Spelling
2. Grammar
3. Sentence Completion
4. Analogies
5. Word Groups
6. Instructions
7. Critical Reasoning
8. Verbal Deductions

Intelligence Test (Non-Verbal)

SSB interview

Non-Verbal intelligence test involves a series of patterns and figures. You are expected to identify the relations and pick the right alternative from the given choices. This test may contain anywhere between 30 to 60 questions and depending on the number of questions and their difficulty level the time allowed to attempt will vary. You will mostly find questions on all of the following : -

1. Spelling
2. Grammar
3. Sentence Completion
4. Analogies
5. Word Groups
6. Instructions
7. Critical Reasoning
8. Verbal Deductions


SSB interview

Stage 2 consists of following

1. Psychology Test

2. Interview

3. Group Test (GTO)

4. Conference

Psychology Test

SSB interview

This test is held on the second day.  The psychological test includes,

1. Word Association Test (WAT): - In this test, candidates are shown 60 words one after the other and candidates are expected to make a short sentence on the word shown.

2. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): - In this test, candidates will be shown 12 pictures and he/she has to write a short story based on these pictures.

3.Situation Reaction Test (SRT): - In this test, certain situations are described and the candidates will be judged on their responses to these situations.

4. Self Description Test (SDT): - In this test, candidates have to write about himself on the given questionary.


ssb interview

The interview is held on the third day. An interview is generally taken by either the President or the Vice President of that board. Interview generally last for about 45 Min. to 1 hrs. The interview will be totally based upon PIQ form. You will be asked questions on whatever you have given information in the PIQ form. So be wise enough while filling up the PIQ form, as it will be responsible for your selection to the SSB. So fill it wisely.

Group Test (GTO)

SSB interview

This test is held on the fourth day. GTO stands for Group Testing Officer. GTO conducts these tasks,

1. Group Discussion (GD)
2. Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
3. Progressive Group Task (PGT)
4. Lecturette
5. Group Obstacle Race (GOR)
6. Half Group Task (HGT)
7. Command Task (CT)
8. Final Group Task (FGT)
9. Individual Obstacles (IO)

Conference Day

SSB interview

This is the last day. On this day final board conference is held and results are announced. Each candidate has to appear before the entire panel of the SSB board in the conference room. Candidates are called one by one and the board asks few general questions. The result is announced by the afternoons and candidates who are not recommended are allowed to leave on the same day.
Successful candidates are asked to stay for medical examination which takes 4 to 5 days. Those who fail in the medicals can appeal to the nearest military hospital within 45 days.
So, This is all about SSB interview. Hope you will find it helpful. If you have any query regarding SSB interview please comment down below, I will reply for sure.


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