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Phrasal verbs for bank exam, Phrasal Verbs Definition Example (Part 2)

Phrasal verbs for bank exam


Phrasal Verbs Definition Example

Phrasal verbs for word D

1.die away diminish in intensity
The applause died away after 5 minutes.

2.die down diminish in intensity
The controversy about the president's affair finally died down.

3.die off/out become extinct Whales are in danger of dying off.

4.disagree with + cause to feel sick
due to food or drink, Spicy food disagrees with me.

5. do away with+abolish
Some Americans want to do away with the death penalty.

6. do * over+ repeat
You made many mistakes, so I want you to do the report over.

7. do without+ manage without something one wants or needs
I couldn't do without a car in California.

8. draw * up + create ( a contract)
Let's draw an agreement up before we go any further with this project.

9. dress * down reprimand severely The mother dressed her son down for skipping school.

10. dress down dress casually
I am dressing down because we're going to a barbecue by the beach.

11. dress * up + decorate
You could dress this house up with some bright colors

12. dress up wear elegant clothes She always dresses up at work.

13. drive * back + repulse
The invaders were driven back by the army.

14. drop in visit someone unexpectedly Meg dropped in yesterday after dinner.

15. drop in on + visit someone unexpectedly
Let's drop in on Julie since we're driving by her house.

16. drop out quite an organized activity
Yuri isn't on the team anymore. He dropped out.

17. drop out of+ quit an organized activity (school)
It's difficult to get a good job if you drop out of high school.

18. drop over visit someone casually
Drop over any time you feel like talking.

Phrasal verbs for word E

1 eat away gradually destroy, erode
The heavy rains ate away at the sandstone cliffs.

2 eat * up + devour
Ken ate the cookies up.

3 eat in eat inside the home
We usually eat in instead of going out for dinner.

4 eat out to eat outside the home
They eat out once a week.

Phrasal verbs for word F

1 face up to + acknowledge something difficult or embarrassing
I'll never be able to face up to my colleagues after getting so drunk last night at the work party.

2 fall back on + be able to use in case of emergency
Yuki can fall back on her degree in biology if she doesn't succeed in her acting career.

3 fall behind go slower than scheduled, lag Hurry up or you will fall behind!

4 fall behind in + go slower than scheduled, lag
Cheryl has missed several days of school and now she is falling behind in her homework.

5 fall off decrease
Interest in the project fell off when they realized it wouldn't be profitable.

6 fall out with + have an argument with I had a falling out with my sister last month and we haven't talked to each other since.

7 fall through fail to happen
Unfortunately, my trip to Indonesia fell through because I couldn't save enough money.

8 feel * up + grope
She sued her boss for sexual harassment after he felt her up.

9 feel up to + have the energy to do something
I don't feel up to going out tonight because I had a long day at work.

10 figure on + expect Where do you figure on living when you move to the U.S.A.?

11 figure * out+ solve something, understand
I finally figured the joke out. Now I understand why everybody was laughing.

12 figure * up + calculate
I need to figure my expenses up before I give you an estimate.

13 fill * in + complete
Don't forget to fill in all the blanks on the application.

14 fill in substitute
Who is going to fill in while you're gone?

15 fill in for + substitute for Miguel
filled in for me at the meeting yesterday because I was sick.

16 fill * out + complete (an application)
I filled out an application to rent the apartment last week.

17 fill * up + fill to the top
Fill the car up with unleaded gas, please.

18 find out to discover

Vicky's parents are going to be so mad when they find out she got a tattoo.

19 fix * up + repair, renovate, remodel My neighbors are fixing them
house up.

Phrasal verbs for word G

1 get * across+ cause to be understood
It's difficult to get humor across in another language.

2 get ahead to make progress
I can't get ahead even though I work two jobs.

3 get ahead of + surpass
You need to work overtime in order to get ahead of schedule.

4 get along have a good relationship
Do you and your sister get along?

5 get along with + have a good relationship Giovanna doesn't get along with her two brothers.

6 get around + avoid someone or something
Some people get around paying taxes by hiring a good accountant.

7 get around go many places
It's easy to get around town with public transportation.

8 getaway to escape
The bank robbers got away.

9 get away with + do something against the rules or illegal and not get caught or punished
My sister gets away with everything!

10 get by surviving without having the things you need or want
I lost my job, so I am having a hard time getting by this year.

11 get by on + survive with minimal resources
It's nearly impossible to get by on making minimum wage.

12 get by with + manage with You don't need a computer. You can get by with the typewriter.

13 get down to + get serious about a topic Enough small talk. Let's get down to business.

14 get in + enter ( a car, a small boat)
Get in the front seat. You will have more leg room.

15 get in entering Get in.
I will give you a ride to school

16 get * off + send (a package)
I finally got my sister's birthday present off yesterday.

17 get * off remove ( a spider from your shirt) Can you get this spider off my shirt?

18 get off+ leave (a bus, plane, train, boat)
We need to get off the bus at the next stop.

19 get off Leave
It's dangerous to sit on the roof. Get off!

20 get off idiomatic phrase - How does he just saying that?! Where does he get off saying that?!

21 get * on put on (clothes)
You should get your jacket on because it's going to be cold.

23 get on entering (a bus, train), mount (a horse, a bike) The train is leaving. Quick, get on!

24 get on + enter (a bus, train), mount ( a horse, a bike) Get on my bike and I will give you a ride home.

25 get on Having a good relationship
Natasha doesn't get on with her co-workers.

26 get on with + Have a good relationship
Do you get on with your neighbors?

27 get on with + continue an activity
Now that the police have left, let's get on with the party!

28 get out of + exit (a small boat, car, an enclosed area)
I fell into the water when I tried to get out of the canoe

29  get over + recover (a cold, a disease, an ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend) Jennifer still hasn't gotten over her breakup with Peter.

30 get through + complete
We will never get through all of these boxes by 9:00 PM.

31 get through + penetrate
We need a stronger drill to get through this wall.

32 get through penetrate
The door was jammed so we couldn't get through.

33 get through (with)+ finish
Have you gotten through with your homework yet?

34 get through to + make contact
It's hard to get through to Janet because her telephone line is always busy.

35 get * up cause someone to rise (from a sitting position or a lying position)
Ahmed got Abdul up at 5:30 in the morning by turning the music up really loud.

36 get uprise (from sitting position or a bed) What time did you get up this morning?

37 give * away + give something without asking for anything in exchange
Why did Nancy give all of her furniture away?

38 give * away + betray (a secret) We are having a surprise party
for Susan next Saturday, so don't give our surprise away by acting suspiciously.

39 give * back + return something you borrowed
When are you going to give that book back to your teacher?

40 give in stop trying
Never give in! You can do it!

41 give off + release (a small, light)
That white flower gives off a beautiful smell.

42 give * out+ distribute
I earn extra money by giving out brochures on the street.

43 give out to become very tired (inf.)
I hope this car doesn't give out in the middle of the desert.

44 give * up + surrender something
The police told the thief to give his gun up.

45 give up surrender
Never give up learning English!

46 go away leave
I yelled at the dogs to make them go away.

47 go back return
When are you going back to your house?

48 go by + go past, go close to, visit quickly We go by the coffee shop every day.

49 go back on + not keep (one's word, a promise)Don't trust him. He always goes back on his promises.

50 go down decrease
The cost of flight tickets is going down.

51 go for + try to achieve
Our team is going for the gold medal in the Olympics.

52 go for the idiomatic phrase –
I am craving pepperoni pizza. I could go for pepperoni pizza.

53 go in for + participate ( inf.)
Are you going to go in for soccer this year at school?

54 go into + discuss in detail
I really don't want to go into that now.

55 go off explode
The bomb could go off at any moment.

56 go off begin, start (used with signals, alarms, warning sounds)

The alarm clock went off at 6:00 AM.

57 go off stop (said of a machine)
The DVD player goes off automatically if you are not using it.

58 go off become angry
Maria went off last night after I told her about losing her bike.

59 go on continue
Please, go on. Don't let me interrupt you.

60 go on happen
This place is a mess! What went on here last night?

61 go on with + continue ( a plan, a conversation)
I think we should go on with the meeting and stop wasting time.

62 go out stop burning ( a fire)
The fire went out after three days.

63 go out take part in social activities (usually at night) They love to go out every Saturday night.

64 go over + review
Do you usually go over your notes before class?

65 go over be well received, succeed
That didn't go over well.

66 go through + examine in detail, study carefully
I need to have my lawyer go through this contract before I sign it.

67 go through + endure; experience challenges, difficulties or traumas
She has gone through so much in her life.

68 go through with + continue or proceed despite difficulties or fears
I have decided to go through with the operation.

69 go with a+ match (clothing)
That shirt doesn't go with those pants.

70 go with + accompany a person
I am going with Alejandro to the party.

71 go with + have a boyfriend/girlfriend

I am going with Yuri.

72 go without + abstain from something
you want or need A person can go without water for three days.

73 grow under go out of business
The restaurant went under after it lost its liquor license.

74 grow up Mature
Your brother needs to grow up and start thinking about his future

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